Possess the Abundance God Promised You!

Learn the keys that open doors of abundance for you and your family.

Event Starts: June 3rd, 2024



Days of empowering education

Many Christians are stuck when it comes to living abundantly. We have believed a lie that says poverty is piety when wealth is a God idea! As His children, abundance IS your birthright! Learn how God created you for an abundant life.

Day commitment

Challenge yourself for 1-2 hours per day for 5 days. Immerse yourself in the challenge and begin the process of transforming your life -

Gal. 6:9.

Sessions will take place each morning at 11:00am ET.

Keys to manifest abundance

Challenges create champions. Without challenges, we would never grow. If what you know brought you the abundance you currently have, then it's what you don't know that is keeping you from what you don't have! This event will help take you to that next level. - Romans 12:2


Unlock Kingdom mysteries for your family, finances, and future.


JUNE 3-7 | 11AM-12PM ET/US


UNLOCK the Mystery Behind Why The Rich Get Richer


Understanding and Positioning

Take your first step in understanding how and why GOD is the One who created the law of the rich getting richer. Then learn to position yourself mentally for wealth opportunities to come your way. Remember, there is a way that seems right unto man but the end thereof is the way of death - Proverbs 14:12


Shifting Your Mindset to Receive

With proper understanding in place, we can take the 2nd step. This day is all about wielding the weapon of gratitude in your life. This will SHIFT you into proper position to receive more abundance than you could imagine...if you take it.


Empowered Thought

In order for you to receive greater levels of abundance, you have to train yourself to recognize the opportunity. Step 3 will give you the keys to help train your brain to see and seize those opportunities.


Transformative Faith

Step 4 is the game changer. We will deep dive into how to use your faith to get real results and I'm not talking about "name it-claim it." This step GUARANTEES you will TRANSFORM your life and be able to create greater levels of abundance for your future.


Manifesting Abundance

On the fifth and final day, we talk about the final step that many overlook when wanting to gain wealth. The 5th step is also the most demanding as it requires you take some action. Don't let this intimidate you though, as this action step, done over time, will bring manifestation into your life.

Jesus said He came to give you life and that you may POSSESS it in abundance.

Meet Your Host


Mark is the author of "Understanding the Matthew Effect".

Over the last decade, Mark has trained thousands of people to properly invest and create wealth using the financial markets. His courses have empowered countless people to step into realms of financial prosperity they didn't believe possible.

During this class you will learn six fundamental truths that, once implemented, will create a life of abundance and prosperity. What's even better, these principles work regardless of the situations around you.

If you are a Kingdom person wanting to engage Kingdom Principles that can enlarge your capacity for increase, you will LOVE what you will learn during this event.

Challenge: A New Kind of Event

We have designed this challenge specifically to help believers JUST LIKE YOU step into all that God has for you. This isn't another 'sales-pitch' designed as a challenge, it is a short education program with the goal of empowering you to step into greater capacities!

Your only cost is a ticket to attend plus your time.

There are Two Ways to Take on This Challenge:

  • Live Challenge Sessions Via Facebook & Zoom

  • Watch the recordings available (on Facebook only) for a limited time after the live sessions

VIP Ticket Includes:

Ticket Options

General Admission $10

Here's what you get:

  • 5 Days of Live Training with Mark Wilburn


  • Access to the Matthew Effect FB Group

  • Steps to help you shift and position yourself for greater levels of abundance

  • 1 custom tool to help you implement greater gratitude

VIP Access $97

Here's what you get:

  • 5 Days of Live Training with Mark Wilburn

  • VIP Backstage Pass-- includes an extra hour each day for a deeper dive into the concepts discussed from that day, AND a guaranteed opportunity to ask Mark a question


  • Access to the exclusive Matthew Effect FB Group

  • Steps to help you shift and position yourself for greater levels of abundance

  • A Digital Download of the book "Understanding the Matthew Effect"

  • Many custom tools to help you implement each day's teaching.


Never read

"Understanding the Matthew Effect"?

'Aha Moments' From

Previous Events

Mark, I can't thank you enough for this week, it's been amazing and there are so many things I am grateful for. Thank you for giving me the tools that I had forgotten and needed to refocus on to get back onto the right path. I thought that I had dealt with a lot of junk in this area, but wow - you have exposed a whole heap more, and for that I am most grateful.


Amy Melissa

Thank you so much for sharing from your life experience. It has really impacted me and how I will go about in my life towards God. not only in how I see money, but also to stretch my tent forward in my family and society. Thank you dearly for this teaching and your time spent.


Beate Madsen

I am very thankful for this Matthew Challenge. I've had many Ah-Ha moments. This is the first financially related class I've taken from a Christian perspective. FINALLY, a workshop that puts GOD FIRST...you've given us a set of very specific action steps to compliment the lessons. Your set up has been very thorough and do-able.


Chaunda Fanning

Thanks Mark, I thank God for your GOOD HEART! I'm taking all this and especially the scripture; and meditating on them! I receive this New Mindset!!! Also working on my list of 300 things that I need to focus on!!!


Barbara Krueger

Day 2 & 3 thoughts - not listening to the enemy's distractions or shift in thoughts to change my direction. Putting into practice the plan of 'hitting what I focus on' looking at where I want to go or accomplish instead of focusing on the things I want to avoid or am in fear of


Alan Cornelison

Loooved this so far, thank you Mark & Neos team for facilitating this challenge. The opportunity to ask questions and talk through relevant things during the VIP sessions is so valuable. The amount of revelation and AHAs that are given just during these 4 days are incredible. $100 well spent!!!


Stacy Golovi

This week was an amazing challenge to grow as a person and in abundance in all of the areas of our lives! I was thrilled that these will be repeated because I want to listen again and invite others! Thank you Mark, Nicole & NEOS!!!


Jozelle Potter

What an amazing training. WOW effect. I have been to many financial trainings, including those about playing the stock market or the Forex market, but this is what blew my brain. And most importantly, it is consistent in every step with the Word of God.


Tom Adamek

Thanks Mark Wilburn for the class yesterday this is really helping me over come some bad mindsets. Especially the assets and liabilities part! I have always trusted the Lord to provide all my needs and He always has! But now my mindsets have changed to except that overflow and abundance so as to increase the tithes offerings and giving to others so they will also increase in the abundant life of heavens goodness!


Stanley Johnson

Day 3 was my favorite. Not that the other days haven't been awesome, but in this session, every word just vibrated in me...I wish I had been taught this stuff at a young age.

Kirsten Stafford

Wow so many incredible take aways. It is hard to sum it up but a big one was the way you put it in words about the two trees, the tree of life and tree of good and evil...I want to manifest an abundance of life round me


Jessica Otero

I loved what Mark was saying about gratitude creating a doorway for hope. I'm grateful for all of this amazing teaching and Mark taking his time to pour this into us.


Jessica Peterson

Reviews for

"Understanding the Matthew Effect" Book

wish I would have had this information years ago! This book will help open your mind to new concepts of money that we’re there all along. It’s all in the Bible, but it’s a fresh interpretation of it all and it is so freeing! Getting out of a poverty mindset and into the blessings God wants for us all. Must read!


Messina Hamlin

Wichita, KS

Mark does a phenomenal job of breaking down stigmas and limiting mindsets that inhibit our ability to build wealth. This clearly unpacks a wide array of knowledge into easy-to-understand (and easy-to-follow) topics that will help anyone get their mindset focused into alignment with their God-given potential.


Steven Cannatello

Sarasota, FL

This book gives you a biblical view on increasing your wealth while learning to give and become good stewards in your life. Understanding the Matthew Effect has opened my eyes to how much the Lord wants to bless us personally. I enjoyed how Mark Wilburn used his personal experiences to help me better understand many of the enlightening concepts in the book.


Laurie Kruse

Owatonna, MN

In today's cacophony of self-help, mindset, & entrepreneur books and programs – this book is a truly refreshing and sobering encounter with a truly foundational place, bringing to life timeless truths made practical and doable for what could seem like the simplest yet sturdiest transformations yielding results that will last not just a lifetime, but for a thousand generations. This is all about creating the stuff that lasts.


Sameh Henein

Fort Worth, Texas

Understanding the Matthew effect is a fantastic book. It sets to layout the biblical principles of finances and how your mindset can limit your potential. The author lays out a foundation to expand your finances and reinforces it with scripture. I would recommend this to anyone who finds themselves in a financial rut, those who wish to expand their resources, or those just starting in life.


Eric Labbe

Bremen, GA

Heaven wants to trade into your life. Either you can position yourself for glory or poverty. You get to choose from your actions. Mark’s book gives simple but effective keys to this transformation


Seb Harris

Carlsbad, CA

Look at this book as an INVESTMENT in yourself. Your return will be infinite!!! Mark Wilburn breaks down sound biblical principles and how to apply them in today’s world. I have already seen a positive change in my life due to implementing some of the principals Mark lays out.


Chuck Bates

Starkville, MS.

I love that he dives right in and start to discuss the Matthew effect. I picked up the book and couldn’t put it down until I devoured all the pearls of wisdom within it. He gives easy practical tips that will change your life. You will not be the same after reading this book. It is a game changer.


Ade Tokunbo

Fort Worth, Texas

A's For Your Q's

Q: Who's the Challenge for?

People feeling "stuck" to increase their spiritual, relational, and financial capacity. If you are looking for a way to "get out of a rut" in any of those areas, this class if for you.

Q: Who is this class NOT for?

People who want another "self-help" event to make them feel better. If you are NOT serious about how you can "prosper until you are prosperous", please don't waste your money or our time.

Q: How do I access the challenge?

Live Teaching: The Matthew Effect Live teachings will take place using Zoom webinars. (You will be emailed the link once you register). Once the live session is over, the recording will be emailed to the email you use during the registration process above.

**The recordings will only be available through the end of the Challenge week!

VIP Backstage Experience: Immediately after the MEC teaching, a "backstage" forum via Zoom will be made available. This session will NOT be recorded, you must attend live to access it.

Q: Why are the recordings only available for a week?

The recordings of the live Matthew Effect Challenge teachings will be emailed directly to you via the email you use during registration. They will only be available until the end of the Challenge week (Mon-Fri), because the main purpose of a Challenge format is to provoke you to action. Challenges give you energized, intensive opportunities attached to a countdown--this countdown is meant to help you spring into action. The ultimate goal of a Challenge is to introduce you to a life changing topic, give you tools that can help you implement this change, and a countdown to help give you the motivation to actually MAKE IT REAL.

Q: Why have a Facebook Group?

The Matthew Effect Challenge Facebook group is a community of like-minded individuals who have all gone through this challenge at some point. We use the group to send you handouts, announcements, and other updates for the challenge and life moving forward.

Q: What is a 5-day Challenge?

A 5-day challenge is an event that is designed to garner momentum quickly. In this challenge, we will be "going live" on Facebook and Zoom over a 5 day period. While the training will be recorded, they will only be able to be viewed for 24 hours and then they will be gone. The goal of taking on this challenge is to overcome an obstacle you are facing. Creating momentum is the best way to achieve those results.

Q: How does a 5-day Challenge work?

Each day the LIVE General Admission session will begin at 11:00am ET and end at 12:00pm ET. After the general session, we will take the VIP's "back-stage" for a deeper dive into the content covered from the general admission session, give tools & handouts to propel you forward faster on the journey, and do some live Q&A. This VIP session will last until 1:00pm ET.

Q: What skills do I need?

Like we mentioned before, this event is for people wanting to gain momentum in their lives and grow in their capacity. All that is required is an open mind and a desire to make it happen.

Q: How much is this training?

There are two ways to participate in the Matthew Effect Challenge. The General Admission is only $10 and the VIP Upgrade is only $87, which includes a backstage pass for a deeper dive of the training content, opportunity for Q&A, and loads of extra resources.


Matthew Effect Challenge


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