Legacy Development Group


"The time has come for revival, not in the church but in the family. It's time to breathe life back into the ways of old where family culture was the presiding influence, and a person's future was

forecasted by the purpose of their house."

Find Family Treasure

We all have unique gifts, talents, and abilities. In order to begin understanding the legacy of our family we must, first, look within ourselves and our relatives.

Heal Generational Pain

Toxic, self-preserving behaviors can create cycles as they're perpetuated down the generations. In order to renew our legacies, we must, first, heal what is broken.

Build & Transform Your Family Government

Families are governmental structures built on values, traditions, and an internal culture. These pillars must be solid in order for us to transform our bloodline.

Plan For Your Family's Future

It's one thing to make personal changes, it's another thing to impact a dynasty. There are key steps we can take to insure the changes we make today can last for generations.

The Legacy Development Group has one goal, to help restore families back to wholeness and purpose. You have a very specific call and mandate over your life, no one else is like you. You are also an extension of your family, so your call must have a connection to a greater family purpose. Our desire is to help you discover that greater family purpose. If you can identify the call of your family, then navigating your future (and the future of your children) becomes assisted by the voice of the family objective.

It's time for the voice of dynasties to speak again.

Meet Kate.

Hey there, I'm Kate--CEO by title, but mama and mentor at heart. My days are a beautiful chaos of business ventures, cuddles with my four incredible boys, and building dreams alongside my husband, Mark.

Sure, I'm knee-deep in the entrepreneurial world with NEOS, but my true passion lies in shaping the futures of families just like yours. Nestled in small town Georgia, I’ve got my hands full with a couple of real estate licenses and running a few companies, but nothing compares to the joy of watching my family grow and thrive. See, beyond the boardrooms and business deals, my real passion lies in creating a legacy of love and purpose

With my amazing husband Mark by my side and our four little boys keeping us on our toes, I’ve learned that the most rewarding journey is the one where we build something meaningful together.

From cozy chats over breakfast to wild adventures in our backyard, every moment is an opportunity to nurture a culture of connection and empowerment. And in my work, I’m on a mission to spread that same magic – helping families envision a future filled with purpose and possibility.

So, that's me--CEO by day, mompreneur by night, and forever dedicated to making a difference one family at a time.


Virtual Event Series

A Way Back Home Event Series

A healthy family lives in consistent love and clear purpose; with each member acting as an extension of the family directive. If everyone could discover and pursue their unique life path, we could truly begin to heal the world.

Free Printable Tools

Get a jumpstart on discovering your family purpose

Discovering your family's purpose is like digging out buried treasure. Some of the more obvious family characteristics are on the surface, but there are deeper, more meaningful treasures hidden in the unseen places. Let these tools act as a map that can lead you to your family's divine purpose.