Every person's identity is rooted in their family purpose.

very person's identity is rooted in their family purpose.

Every person's identity is rooted in their family purpose.

Instead of being overshadowed by family "expectations", what if we were empowered by them?

Come with us as we guide you through an exhaustive journey to discover your Family Directive™, secure your personal identity, heal from generational pain, rebuild governmental pillars of your family culture, and plan for the future and preservation of your tribal legacy.

If we can determine the errors of history, then we can cure the defects they caused. We will not only take a look at the culprit of the family breakdown, but we will also discuss ways to overcome and renew centuries of broken cycles and mindsets. Our hope is to rectify the places that went awry across an entire society.

It's time to restore the power of family.

We're busy building these courses out of our recent live event! Stay tuned for the course announcement!

4 Key Reasons To Take This Course Program


Find Your Purpose

You have a very specific call and purpose to your life, no one else is like you. You are also an extension of your family, so your call must have a connection to a greater family purpose.

If you can identify the call of your family, then navigating your future (and the future of your children) becomes assisted by the voice of the family objective.

We will help you dig into the treasures of your heritage to find your hidden purpose.


Generational Trauma

The "sins of the father" no longer have to hold their children hostage-we no longer have to be victims. We get the opportunity and honor of restoring the broken places in our bloodline, but it's a process and takes guidance. This is a journey of redemption and transformation--all made possible because of how deeply God loves us and wants to see us restored.

We'll assist you in recognizing areas of struggle within your family history and equip you with the necessary tools to initiate healing within these generational cycles.

Build: An Enduring

Family Culture

Family culture is the glue and the gas of a dynasty. It's the banquet table around which family members gather and are nourished.

Its values and traditions keep it stable while its protocols keep it in motion. It is the secret sauce of a thriving tribe.

We'll provide you with the blueprint to build the foundation of your revitalized family culture. From crafting your Family Directive, establishing fresh family traditions, to drafting your very own family constitution, we will be there to guide you.

Plan: A Family Future Generations Ahead

A healthy clan is always focused on tomorrow because the needs of today have already been met by those who came before them.

It's up to us to pave the way for our children's success today by ensuring their needs will be met, so they can dream big and plan for the future of their own families.

Every king stewards over what was once the dreams of the kings before him.

We will offer suggestions for many avenues of wealth creation, asset protection, and goal setting to pave your family's path forward.

Course Options

A Way Back Home

Series Package

3 Month Payment Plan


A Way Back Home

Series Package

6 Month Payment Plan


A Way Back Home Event Series Package

Pay In Full

$250 total

This curriculum is divided into 4 large sections:

Discover, Heal, Build, & Plan.

Each section is designed to achieve potentially overwhelming goals in an efficient and digestible manner, allowing students the opportunity to approach this system with ease.

The content is exhaustive, necessitating a split into two 2-day events for maximum benefit.

With these events strategically scheduled over a month apart, students have time to digest and implement the steps from the

"Discover & Heal" portion before transitioning into the "Build and Plan" segment of the curriculum.

We strongly advise students to utilize this rest period to reflect on and apply strategies from Event 1,

enhancing the impact of Event 2's content.

What's Included

  • Live 2-day teaching (per event)

  • Exhaustive blueprint for a family legacy overhaul

  • Free printable workbook PDF

  • Personal activations

  • Guided meditation led by Sandra Rojo

  • Strategies on reprogramming generational patterns

What Our Students Are Saying

"This is an experience that I never thought about, nor did I think I would really need but I was for sure proven wrong! It’s so much goodness to unpack and so many necessary things that I was able to work through and not only begin the journey of healing within my family, but for myself as well. This course has really opened my eyes to the scripture:

“Everything is possible for the one that believes” [Mark 9:23 CSB]. After placing that

true belief in myself and what I was able to do, God started revealing things left and right that Kate has helped lead me to see. Through your obedience, Kate, you have begun to shift nations and lead us to breaking centuries worth of generational patterns. I can never thank you enough. I am so grateful for this opportunity."

Taylor Goodrich

"Going through the LDG experience has truly led to a turning of heart and will be an

experience that I never forget. I have had a revelation of God’s love not only for me as an individual but his love for my family, those who will come after me, and those who have come before me. This experience has given me the courage to do what the Lord has called me to do on this earth in a way that is selfless and enduring. I have had the blessing to witness the miracles that take place from executing the steps Kate has laid out for all those who are a part of the LDG program. Through this LDG experience, I have been freed from my addictions, not only supernaturally and physically but also soulfully."

Solomon Swift

Taking Kate Wilburn’s Legacy Development class was life changing for me. Through very thoughtful questions, she allowed me to discover my family belief systems and identify areas of strengths I didn’t realize I had. The core values held by my family heritage were astonishing when she taught me how to look for them. It was mind blowing to see so many family members connected with some of the same beliefs and yet others that added a variety of richness to our family tree. I found so many treasures that God had wanted me to find through this process. Without this class and the questions Kate took me through, I would not have been able to piece this amazing puzzle together. I am forever grateful for her loving mentorship and guidance.

Kim Nicholas


Discover & Heal

Day 1

All times are in ET/USA time zone


Check in and housekeeping


Session 1: Introduction of the Blueprint


Session 2: History of ancient family structural breakdowns & how it's still impacting us today.


Session 3: 4 Types of Legacy Builders




Session 4: Discovering Bloodline Treasures


Session 5: Patterns in the Treasury


Session 6: Treasure Hunt Activation


End Day 1

Day 2


Check in and introductions


Session 1: Review


Session 2: Communion and Heritage Healing Introduction


Session 3: Pattern Disruptions, Healing, and Heavenly Court Activation


Session 4: Healing Action Plans




Session 5: Introduction to Healing Techniques | Self-Regulation, Desire Visualization, the Subconscious by

Sandra Rojo with Mindset Matters with Sandra


Session 6: Alleviating Triggers | Neuro-Emotional Techniques for Self-Regulation with Sandra Rojo


Session 7: Volunteer-Based Self-Regulation Technique in Action

Guided by Sandra Rojo


Session 8: Future-Pacing Guided Meditation by Sandra Rojo


Session 9: Bringing It All Together to Prepare for Building New Family Culture


End Day 2

It's time for the voice of dynasties to speak again.

Meet Kate.

Hey there, I'm Kate--CEO by title, but mama and mentor at heart. My days are a beautiful chaos of business ventures, cuddles with my four incredible boys, and building dreams alongside my husband, Mark.

Sure, I'm knee-deep in the entrepreneurial world with NEOS, but my true passion lies in shaping the futures of families just like yours. Nestled in small town Georgia, I’ve got my hands full with a couple of real estate licenses and running a few companies, but nothing compares to the joy of watching my family grow and thrive. See, beyond the boardrooms and business deals, my real passion lies in creating a legacy of love and purpose

With my amazing husband Mark by my side and our four little boys keeping us on our toes, I’ve learned that the most rewarding journey is the one where we build something meaningful together.

From cozy chats over breakfast to wild adventures in our backyard, every moment is an opportunity to nurture a culture of connection and empowerment. And in my work, I’m on a mission to spread that same magic – helping families envision a future filled with purpose and possibility.

So, that's me--CEO by day, mompreneur by night, and forever dedicated to making a difference one family at a time.

How To Access

  • Once you register, you will receive an email with instructions and your free workbook PDF.

  • In the email will be a Zoom link and password. At the time of the event, click this link and type in the password to access the meeting.

  • Show up ready to transform!

A's for your Q's

Who is this event for?

This content was designed for any man or woman seeking healing and transformation for themselves and their families. No requirements or prerequisites.

When is the event?

This content is so exhaustive we had to split it up into two 2-day virtual conferences. The first event, A Way Back Home Intensive 1: Discover and Heal, will be held live online June 29-30, 2024 from 9am-6pm ET/US. The second event, A Way Back Home Intensive 2: Build and Plan, will be held a little over a month later on August 3-4, 2024 from 9am-6pm ET/US.

Why have 2 separate events?

The content is extensive, necessitating a split into two 2-day events for maximum benefit. With events strategically scheduled over a month apart, students have time to digest and implement the steps from event 1 before transitioning into the "Build and Plan" segment of the curriculum. We strongly advise students to utilize this period to reflect on and apply strategies from event 1, enhancing the impact of event 2's content.

How do I access the event?

Once you register, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register for your Learning Portal. The event recordings and workbook PDF will be found in your Learning Portal. In another email will be a Zoom link and password for the event days. At the time of the event, click this link and type in the password to access the meeting. Show up ready to transform!

Will the event be recorded?

Yes! Those who purchase the event(s) will have unlimited access to the event recordings. Once the recordings have been rendered, edited, and uploaded you will be notified via email (this may take some time). The email will include your instructions and links for easy access.

How do I access the recordings?

Once they're ready, the recordings will be uploaded to our learning platform. Students will be sent a link via email allowing their unlimited access to the recordings.

What is your refund policy?

Full refunds will be allowed within the timeframe leading up to the event itself. Once the event is over, refunds will not be issued. This is because the education learned cannot be returned in the same way a pair of socks can.

Can I get a discount if I purchase both events at the same time?

Yes! Pricing for each event a la carte is $150, however purchasing the package will only cost $250 allowing for a $50 discount.

If I purchase just one of the events, can I get a discount on the second one later?

No. The package price is available for this reason. If the package is not chosen, then no discounts will be applied to a la carte products later.

Do I already need to have children to implement this content?

Not at all! Any adults and even children themselves can benefit and apply the strategies offered in this curriculum. There are no requirements!

Do I already need to be married?

No you don't! This curriculum has impacted singles, engaged couples, widows & widowers, and divorcees. Every relationship status can benefit and apply this content to their lives and lineages.

Do I need to be a practicing Christian to attend this event?

No, you do not! Every family has a purpose regardless of their spiritual beliefs, and every family needs healing and restoration. We welcome all into this transformation!

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